Dropping the Ball

As IndyCar gets set to conclude its season this weekend with the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma, there were events that happened this week that were not openly publicized to the public until after the fact.  

This has upset IndyCar supporters in the surrounding areas who had hoped to attend these events and show their support for a sport that is struggling to get the public’s attention in a very crowded sports landscape.  The sport is also dealing with the tragic death of Justin Wilson as a result of injuries sustained in an on track incident and critics who not say that the sport may be too risky.  The sport must seize every opportunity it can to get the news of the sport and the exciting on-track product out to the general public.

Large crowds at these race weekend events would have created excitement for the season ending at for the race at Sonoma Raceway.  Rather than IndyCar openly publicize the days and times for these events, they dropped the ball.  The sport’s official website and social media accounts featured articles and pictures of these events after they happened.

As someone who has followed on wheel racing for many years and has family involved in Formula 1, I would have liked to attend the event at the Capitol in Sacramento given that I only work a few blocks away or the event on the Golden Gate Bridge honoring Justin Wilson.

For other people like myself, who watch the IndyCar races and their favorite drivers (mine are Josef Newgarden and Scott Dixon), it would have us an opportunity to see the drivers and cars involved in the series somewhat up close even for a brief period of time.  People would have also documented their attendance at these events on social media which would have given the series free publicity which is important.

It is especially important for the younger generation who follows the sport to get the opportunity to get to see the cars and drivers in person because someday they may end up working in the sport in some capacity.

These events at the State Capitol and the Golden Gate Bridge would have also been a great opportunity for fans who cannot go to the Grand Prix of Sonoma for economic or other reasons to see the cars and drivers.  These events would have been easier for me to attend since it’s a bit difficult for me to attend the races and get around Sonoma Raceway because I’m a paraplegic.

Hopefully, IndyCar has a successful last race of the season given the tragic event that occurred a week ago.  Sonoma Raceway is a fitting place to crown a champion.  I also hope that next year when IndyCar comes to Sonoma it publicizes the race week events better so that fans can attend and generate more publicity for a series that really need it so that racing and other racing opportunities can be provided to people for many years.


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