Bullying Critics Into Silence

The sport of Formula 1 is facing many serious economic and technical issues.  For several years, Formula 1 fans have been calling for the much needed changes to happen.

Bernie Ecclestone, the team principals, and other people associated with Formula 1 outwardly say that they welcome the criticism and feedback in order to make the sport better.  The body language and their actions say that they definitely are very uncomfortable with it.

As the smaller Formula 1 teams are facing financial issues that threaten their ability to participate and be competitive in the sport and the bigger teams are facing the possibility of losing millions of dollars in much needed sponsorship revenue, the sport refuses to look at options to address the big issues that are causing the financial struggles and lost sponsorship revenue.  The sport chooses instead to try to fix the smaller issues that are only going to help the health of the sport a little bit.

One of the big issues in Formula 1 right now is the utter domination of one manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, and one driver Lewis Hamilton.  This domination by one manufacturer and one driver is not good for the long term health of Formula 1.

The grands prix have gotten to the point that Formula 1 fans know that Lewis Hamilton will win and his teammate, Nico Rosberg,  will finish in second place unless Lewis or Nico experience problems with their cars.

As a result of the domination by Mercedes-Benz in Formula 1, sponsors within the sport may decide that they are not getting good value for the money and end their sponsorship contracts with the teams.  If this happens, it will effect the smaller teams the most and could result in workforce reductions at the factories which affects the families of the workers also.  My father experienced a few workforce reductions and the effects on the families make growing up difficult and sometimes very challenging.

The sport is also holding more of the grands prix outside of Europe in an attempt to expand its global reach.  This has produced mixed results because some of the grands prix have been successful and others have not.  The logistics of having so many grands prix in Asia, the Middle East, and South America has proven to be a significant challenge for the smaller teams as the struggle to stay on the grid.

The television stations that televise the grands prix moving to a pay television and a less than spectacular fan experience coupled with high ticket prices have led a sport that was once strong world wide to struggle to gain traction in a crowded sports marketplace.  These factors are not good for the long term health of Formula 1.

The fans, many of whom have been following the sport since they were children, and others have offered their suggestions on what is wrong with Formula 1 and how to fix it.

The problem is that instead of the people in Formula 1 embracing the suggestions and criticism and using it constructively; they have dismissed the people offering the suggestions and criticism.  There have also been attempts through the use of bullying to silence them.

When I was physically abused years ago, people were told but didn’t do anything to help.  I had to get myself out of the situation.  Information was then hidden or destroyed because it would have cost people money.  I was also almost killed twice in hospital as a result of medical mistakes and people were bullied into silence.

It’s important that people be allowed to voice their opinions and that those opinions be respect but all too often, especially in the world of Formula 1 that doesn’t happen.  

There have been attempts to bully Formula 1 critics like myself into silence.  It’s not being done by other fans either.  It’s not the first time that I’ve been bullied nor will it be the last.


2 thoughts on “Bullying Critics Into Silence

  1. I am very sorry of hear of your bad experiences. But you are obviously a very strong person and I am sure you will succeed in your wishes eventually.

    But I don’t necessarily agree that Merc’s domination for two years is a bad thing. In F1 it is common that one team will have a major advantage and win lots of races. Red Bull did McLaren did Williams did etc etc. It is normal that the best interpretation of the Regs together with the best brains and the best organisers will have a good advantage.

    But now the rules have virtually been torn up and the commercial influence has corrupted everything.

    I tend to agree with you that to thrive again it must first die.

    We need a totally new financial structure with a new governance. No commercial owner but instead an F! trust to hold and distribute tv money. Let the circuits make money from the GP and not spent the year paying for it.

    Then we need a new president of the FIA to re-establish the absolute control of the rules. No secret rules no secret agreements. Pirelli to pay the F1 trust, not a commercial owner.

    As it see it there are only two ways this can happen: Total collapse followed by ten years of court cases and mass confusion and no racing. Or the EU commission enforces what they said last time, which means that Bernie has to withdraw many tentacles from many places, but we all know it will not happen easily and he will twist and turn and evade until hie dies. So either way there is no solution in the next few years.

    If all the major teams could only work together, then something could be achieved but fear and greed (always the market drivers) have stopped all versions of FOCA and FOTA etc in the past.


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