Destruction of Progress Towards Goals

As a person with a physical disability and a woman, it’s hard enough for me to get opportunities so that I can make process toward my lifelong goals.  The progress that I had made towards those goals has been taken from me by other people looking out for themselves and their own agendas.

Ever since I was three years old, I’ve wanted to leave the United States.  I don’t like life in this country and I think that it’s a hell hole.  Everything that I’ve is so that, one day, I can leave the United States and never be faced with the possibility of having to come back.  From this day forward, everything I do will be so that soon I can leave the United States because I dislike life in this country that much.  Life in this country is not wonderful for me and never has been.

Recently, Toto Wolff, Team Principal at Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team, tried to launch a campaign to bully me into silence because he didn’t like what I was writing.  As a result of that campaign, I lost several opportunities for professional advancement.  These were opportunities that I had been working for years towards achieving.

Well, Toto Wolff is trying again to silence me because he doesn’t like what I’m writing.  This time he has help from Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.

In recent days, I have lost several opportunities as a result of their attempts to silence me.

They’re trying to protect their own interests and agendas while destroying my goals and, my life piece by piece.

They all seem to think that I belong in the United States.

Wrong! It just makes me want to get out of the United States even more.

The plan for my life was that I would be able to secure an arranged marriage with a non-American man who had the ability to make sure that I had a safe, productive life and a family while being able to travel the world.  I hope that that can still happen.

The United States has not any real opportunities for me to better my life.  All this country has done is destroy my life.

Toto Wolff, the board of Daimler AG, and Lewis Hamilton would have had an extremely hard time living my life thus far.  I really doubt that they could have done it.

As I look towards the short term, it is my hope that I can work towards getting opportunities that will get me out of this country.

I doubt that these men will ever understand fully what they’ve destroyed and how difficult it will be to make progress towards my goals again.  If progress can be made again.

I doubt that they even care.


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