Different Opinions


I wanted to address a couple of things.

I like different opinions.  I feel that they can add additional viewpoints to a subject that is being discussed or debated.

Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton’s fans don’t like opinions that don’t support Lewis or that are different opinions from their own opinions. 

If your opinion doesn’t support Lewis or is a different opinion his fans, they get extremely hostile and a person has really worry about them becoming violent.  This is what happened to me a few weeks ago and the problems with Lewis’s fans have been an issue for people with viewpoints and opinios that don’t necessarily support Lewis Hamilton or their viewpoints for a while.

Formula 1 each have the drivers or drivers that they support and they’re not all Lewis Hamilton fans for a variety of reasons.

I don’t support Mercedes for a number of reasons  even though my cousin, Toto Wolff, is the team principal.  The manufacturer’s utter domination will end up hurting the support in the long run.  I think that by putting Mercedes corporate interests first Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg the on-track product in Formula 1 is suffering.  They should be allowed to race each other as hard as they want but instead the main concern is finishing the race with the cars in a pristine condition.

Also, this season in Formula 1 has been all Lewis Hamilton all of the time and it’s getting old.  The other drivers on the grid have accomplished some great things this season but they really haven’t been acknowledged as much as they should have been the sport has become the Lewis Hamilton show.  The other drivers and teams should be talked about more instead of it just being about Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. 

There have been other newsworthy stories in the sport this season but some of them have fallen by the wayside because of the sport and Mercedes choice to heavily promote one person.  The favoritism by Mercedes and by the sport is quite obvious.

For instance, Ferrari has had a strong season, there is concern about having only three manufacturers in the sport, how expensive the power units in Formula 1 have become, the financial strain that the costs of the power unit are causing for some teams, and the changes that are coming for the sport in 2017.

If Ferrari does manage to catch Mercedes in 2016 and the Silver Arrows are not as strong, I think that cracks in the team will be exposed that the utter domination by the W05 and W06 had managed to hide.  I also think that eventually the effects of Lewis Hamilton’s glitterati lifestyle will start being an issue and could help contribute to the team falling from Formula 1’s penthouse which the team currently occupies.

My lack of support for Lewis Hamilton and my differing opinions from those of his fans has caused a great many problems for me.  This is especially difficult because of my need to eventually leave the United States.  As a person with a physical disability, if I stay in the United States, as I get older I face the possibility of getting raped and murdered in a nursing home at some point in my life.  The thought of this doesn’t appeal to me in any way and it’s something that is happening alarmingly with greater frequency in the United States.  I want to be able to live my life on my terms.  I can do this in a different country but as a result of Lewis Hamilton’s fans propensity towards hostility, intolerance of opinions that don’t match their own, and almost becoming violent with people like myself, I’ve lost opportunities that would have helped further my career and led to opportunities for me to leave the United States.

It is absolutely necessary for me to try and put together what has been destroyed just as it is necessary to be tolerant of different opinions and viewpoints.


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