Where I Go From Here…

As a person grows up, finishes school, and starts to look at the different things that they could do with their life, there are factors that determine whether they can pursue a career doing something that they enjoy or if they just need to take a position that will provide them the basic human needs but absolutely no enjoyment.

Fifteen years ago, I was forced to take a job in housing in order to get myself my basic human needs.  It was not a job that I wanted and I had no interest in housing.  I still don’t have any interest in housing.  What has made the situation worse is that there isn’t any meaningful profession development in the position.  If a person is hard working, a go-getter, and university educated, they’re blocked from trying to advance in the different job tracks.  The positions do not pay well, the benefits are not that good, and the work environment is full of bullying and abuse both from the low-income customers that you serve and your co-workers.

I have been trying to leave my current position for fifteen years.  It’s hard to transition to another job when the other industries view the one that you’re currently in as being lazy, unmotivated, and uneducated.  The events that have happened to me have also not helped in my quest to leave my current job and industry.  These events have managed to undo much of the progress that I had made towards reaching my goal.

When I finished university, my hope was to be able to work for the world’s elite (i.e.: the world’s billionaires) in some capacity.  Today, that is still my  goal because that the world that I’m familiar and comfortable with.

Growing up in Marin County, California, I grew up around wealthy people, scholars, horses, professional athletes, entertainment industry professionals, boats, Ferraris and other exotic sports cars, and self-made millionaires and billionaires.

In my family, a university degree was mandatory as was learning several different languages, and skills.  It’s an unspoken expectation that a person would continue learning new skills and building upon their knowledge base for the rest of their lives.

The past fifteen years have served a purpose.  I have realized that I’m not happy living in a lower income city like where I live now because I’m not comfortable being around low income people as a result of my past, negative experiences.  I doubt that I will ever be comfortable being around and interacting with low income people.  Many people are very happy serving that segment of the population; I’m not one of those people.

Over the past few months, people have asked me what I want to do.  I have hesitated telling them sometimes for fear that they won’t fully understand.  I’ve realized that I have to stop worrying what other people as that will never make me happy.

I know that I belong in an affluent, cosmopolitan area or city.  I belong in a job that works with and interacts primarily with the world’s elite, the world’s billionaires, etc. because that is what would make me the happiest.

I hope that I can make the transition to a job that works with and interacts with the world’s elite, the world’s billionaires, etc. in the near future.  I’m at a point in my life where I have to think about me and what makes me the happiest because I’ve had to sacrifice my happiness for so long and I’ve ended up being miserable.

Life has odd ways of showing us what would truly make us the happiest.  The struggles that a person goes through really help them define their purpose in life.  Hopefully, I will reach my goal soon because the struggles have been many and they’ve been long.  The misery and unhappiness has been for a reason too but it’s been rough.  Once I reach my goal, I don’t ever want to go through what I’ve had to go through these past fifteen years again.


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