A New Season Dawns

As a new day is about to dawn on a new season in Formula 1, some things will remain the same and some things will change.  One thing is for certain, the traveling road show run by Bernie Ecclestone/CVC Partners is never without controversy.

One thing that will unfortunately stay the same is Mercedes domination of the sport.  With the global economy heading into a bear market, the sport needs competition amongst the teams or else it may face more serious economic issues than the ones that helped it make headlines over the past few seasons.  The on-track product is also suffering because there is a large competition gap between Mercedes and the rest of the field.  Until the competition gap is narrowed, TV ratings may suffer and sponsors might look to take their money elsewhere in order to get more exposure for their money.  This is bad for the sport as a whole.  As more of the Formula 1 race coverage goes behind paywalls, hopefully Ferrari can provide a strong challenge to Mercedes in both the constructor’s and driver’s championships or Formula 1 fans will turn their attention somewhere else in the crowded sports landscape.

Another thing that has brought controversy to Formula 1 for the coming season is the new qualifying format that may or may not be used at the Australian GP in Melbourne.  It depends whether or not the timing system can be changed in time for the Melbourne race.  There has been talk that the changes in the qualifying format may not take place until the Spanish GP as it might take that long to update Formula 1’s timing system.  I think that the current qualifying system is fine the way that it currently is.  Even with the proposed changes to qualifying, Mercedes will likely continue to lock out the front row with Ferrari close behind.

If Formula 1, is going to make changes to the show in an attempt to improve it for the fans, they need to treat them like a computer program and not release/implement the changes until most of all of the possible bugs are resolved otherwise, people get the impression that the lunatics are running the asylum which isn’t good.

The first three races will give Formula 1 fans an indication of the their favorite teams place on the grid as well as their strengths and weaknesses.  I think that it’s absolutely necessary that Ferrari mount a strong challenge to Mercedes on a constant basis.  Red Bull needs to rebound from their power units of the past couple of seasons and get back towards the front as the season progresses.  They are one of these most recognizable brands in Formula 1 and their success this season will do a lot to help the sport keep its footing in the crowded sports landscape.  Haas needs to have a strong debut season to help Formula 1 gain a better foothold in the United States sports scene and Williams need to have a strong points and podium getting season.

There are many issues facing the sport as it heads into the opening race of the season in Melbourne.  Some of them could affect Bernie and CVC’s bank account as viewership and interest may wane with Mercedes continued domination of the sport and the inconsistency with implementation of changes within the sport.

One thing that I want to address as the season starts is the Hamfosi and their very hostile and violent ways.  They are completely intolerant of opinions/views that do not support theirs.  The Hamfosi’s behavior has caused caused me to continue to miss out on opportunities which are necessary for me career wise and health wise.  They have also caused me to have health issues which may be long term.  Their behavior has also caused other irreversible issues for me.  They show no signs of letting up either.  People do have opinions that are different from yours; respect them.


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