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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have just looked up “dirndle” and it is a type of traditional dress! (which maybe you wear?) But I guess it means you come from Bavaria. Land of BMW!
    I have only been to a few places in Germany, Stutgart for meeting with Porche in a Schlosshotel (where I became familiar with a small drink called Williams) and Frankfurt a few times as to exhibit at Automechanika.


  2. If you look at my own blog which I have neglected for a long time you will see that I was worried about the F1SG right from the very start.


  3. Heidi- Awhile back you wrote at TJ13 that you wanted to talk by email. I left my email address in a comment above but noticed the comment is still in moderation(???). Are you at COTA this weekend??? I live here in Austin!



    1. I wanted to leave your email address private rather than make it public for everyone to see. I’ll try emailing you again. I did send you an email awhile back but you didn’t get it. I won’t be at COTA this weekend unfortunately. Looking at the forecast for the weekend, it looks like a wise idea.


  4. About the email… yes, do try again. Not sure what happened but I didn’t accidentally misspell it or anything. And the weather forecast does look treacherous, though so far the rain has mostly held off.


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