Different Opinions

I wanted to address a couple of things. I like different opinions.  I feel that they can add additional viewpoints to a subject that is being discussed or debated. Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton’s fans don’t like opinions that don’t support Lewis or that are different opinions from their own opinions.  If your opinion doesn’t support Lewis … More Different Opinions

Sports and Women

As a woman who has been working since I was in high school and participating in different sports since I was a young girl, when I saw the following quote, I paused to think about it for a minute then I felt the need to comment. “Women shouldn’t have to deny their femininity just to … More Sports and Women

Dropping the Ball

As IndyCar gets set to conclude its season this weekend with the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma, there were events that happened this week that were not openly publicized to the public until after the fact.   This has upset IndyCar supporters in the surrounding areas who had hoped to attend these events and show … More Dropping the Ball

Home Sweet Monza

High ho, high ho it’s off to work I go.  Like this song that the seven dwarfs sing as they go off to work each day, Bernie Ecclestone has developed the mindset off to the Far East and Middle East Formula 1 goes in order to find new racing circuits to go to work at … More Home Sweet Monza